Getting Started with your Stern account

Congratulations on getting into NYU Stern School of Business! 

Whether you are a student, alumni, faculty or a staff member, you will need to activate your Stern account to access to all of Stern's resources.

To begin, activate your Stern account at

Once you have activated your account, head over to your SternLife to access your Dashboard. This is where you can find most of the quick shortcuts for Stern. Your username will be your NetID.

Now that you have activated your SternLife, you can now access your Stern Gmail and G Suite.

One thing you can do with your Stern Gmail is to request a vanity address. This is an email alias (or nickname) that allows you to send and receive messages from a more professional looking email.

By default this will be ''. For any issues, please contact the HelpDesk.

Now, while you have activated your Stern Account, please do not forget to activate your NYU account (

Please note that these are two separate accounts.