*Starting Fall 2023, Stern IT has rolled out brand new printers and printing system for the students of Stern.*

The brand new printers will now come with previously available finishing option, stapling, along with the ability to copy and scan your documents.

The new printers also come with the new Tap-to-Release function. So students can now, use their NYU ID to release their print jobs.

WebPrint will remain as an option to print. However, we have brought back the Email-To-Print (, as well as soon-to-be added, Mobility Print. For more information, please refer to our support articles listed below.

Please be patience with us as we improve our articles to be more comprehensible.

How much can I print and what does it cost?

Full-time Stern students are allotted a quota 1,000 credits each academic year. Part-time students and non-Stern students taking Stern courses are allotted 300 credits.

For Black/White: 1 credit per page

For Color: 3 credits per page