How Can We Help You Print?

Contactless Print Release

Due to the concerns surrounding COVID-19, Stern IT has enabled the ability to release jobs sent to Print@Stern from your own laptop or mobile device, rather than through public terminals. To use this new method, send your print jobs to Print@Stern using any of the methods on this page, then when you are ready to release the job to a printer:

  1. Go to

  2. Log in using your Stern ID and Password

  3. Click the name of the Printer you would like to release your job(s) to

  4. Check the box next to all documents you wish to release, then click the green Release button

For a list of printer locations, please see:

Please note that existing PaperCut installations should work without need for re-installation and that there are no changes to the existing PaperCut installation process.

How Much Can I Print?

Full-time Stern students are allotted a quota 1,000 credits each academic year. Part-time students and non-Stern students taking Stern courses are allotted 300 credits.

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