About Stern IT

NYU Stern Information Technology (Stern IT) provides IT solutions and support to the Stern School of Business, in partnership with NYU IT and other school and local IT teams. Our goal is to provide the best solutions and highest level of service to Stern students, faculty, and staff.

Stern IT aims to supplement the catalog of NYU IT services with solutions unique to the Stern communities requirements, including an on-site Help Desk where faculty, staff, and students can get help face-to-face.

Our Team

Client Services Group (CSG)

Help Desk

Email, phone, and in-person support for students, faculty, and staff

Classroom and Event Technology (CETG)

Solutions and support for classrooms and special events, including Mediasite recordings and AV services

Deskside Support

Laptop and desktop support for faculty, staff, and public workstations

Enterprise Operations (EOPS)

Enterprise Services (eServices)

Solutions and support for third-party software, including EMS, G Suite, and PaperCut

Application Development (AppDev)

Custom applications developed to provide unique solutions for Stern, including Stern IDs, and the w3 and w4 web servers

Infrastructure and Security Services (ISS)

Solutions and support for services such as network shares, VPN, and virtual machines

User Interface

Dedicated to the best possible user interface solutions, as well support for Stern Life and the Stern website

Database (DB)

Databse solutions and support