About the laptops

  • Dell Latitude E6330 with Windows 10
  • All changes and data are deleted from the laptop on reboot. Save your work on a USB drive or cloud storage such as Google Drive.


  • Microsoft Office
  • Print@Stern (PaperCut)

4-hour undergraduate loaner laptop program

What is it?

  • Borrow a laptop for up to 4-hours at a time from the Stern IT Help Desk in Tisch L100
  • Stern undergraduate students only


  • Borrow for up to 4-hours at a time
  • Unlimited renewals as long as nobody is waiting for a laptop
  • NO overnight loans
  • Due back one-hour before Help Desk closing
  • Laptops must remain within the Stern buildings

Strikes and bans

  • A late laptop results in one strike
  • A laptop kept overnight results in an automatic three strikes
  • Three strikes results in a ban for the rest of the semester, or a ban for the next semester if it occurs within the last two weeks of the current semester
  • Keeping a laptop more than one night can result in longer bans

Break-fix loaner laptops

What is it?

All Stern students who purchase a Stern recommended Dell laptop that qualifies for Advanced Support will be eligible to check out laptops on an extended loan while their laptops are being repaired by Stern IT.


  • Must be a Stern student
  • You must have a Dell Latitude model that qualifies for Advanced Support. Laptops with Basic Support such as MacBooks do not qualify.
  • Your Dell laptop must still be under warranty
  • You must check your laptop into the Stern IT Help Desk for repairs
  • You must return your loaner laptop before picking up your own laptop

Faculty and Staff loaner laptops

Stern IT does not normally provide loaner laptops for Faculty and Staff. Please contact the Stern IT Help Desk to make a request that will be reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis.