How to get Solstice App in order to display your PC, Mac, iOS or Android device to a study room monitor

Displays are available in the following meeting rooms:  

 MBA Rooms
 Undergraduate Rooms

1. A screen like the one below appears on the monitor. 

Solstice main screen

 First time users    
     1.  Follow the left side instructions.  Open the browser on the device you wish to share to the monitor.
     2.  From your PC or Mac, open a browser window and enter the address displayed on the monitor in the room.  In the example shown above, the address would be  All addresses will begin with http:// and will have numbers following.  Hit enter or search. Alternatively, download from  If using an iOS device, go to the Apps store and search for Solstice V2.  If using an Android Device follow steps above or search Play store for Solstice V2.
     3.  Your screen will prompt you to download the Solstice app.  Follow the on-screen prompts to download and install the app.
      4.  Once app is opened, select the room you wish to connect to from the dialogue box that appears.
Connect to a display 

If your desired room does not show up in the list, click the Enter ip tab and enter the IP address displayed on the left side of the screen in the room.

enter ip

Click the Go button. 

5.    You will now need to enter the 4 character Screen Key.  

screen key

Find the Screen Key displayed in the lower-left hand corner of the display screen in the room, as seen in the picture below.  The Screen Key changes every few minutes, you must use the currently displayed Screen Key to connect.  In this example, the Screen Key is JKHU.
Screen Key

      6.  Once the correct Screen Key is accepted, you will see a screen like the one below:

Share something

Use this window to select what you wish to share to the display monitor.  From a PC or Mac you may elect to share your desktop, a media file or an open application window.  

Your selection will display on the monitor in the study room.  Up to 4 devices can share to the monitor simultaneously.      
      7.  To stop sharing your screen, click the Stop Sharing button in the Solstice application window.


Returning users

1.  Open Solstice app on your device.

2.  Follow instructions above, beginning at step 4. 

Watch video on this technology.  View the vendor's website.


If you need assistance with the screen display, contact the Stern Helpdesk at 212-998-0180.