How to display your PC, Mac, iOS or Android device to a study room monitor

Displays are available in the all MBA meeting rooms and in the following undergraduate meeting rooms: 307, 309, 310 and 311.

Connecting is as simple as 1, 2, 3. 

1. Install or open Solstice V2 app.  See guides for PC, Mac, iOS and Android.
2. Connect to the display monitor in the room by selecting room and entering the 4 character Screen Key.
3. Select what you want to display.  Up to 4 PC, Mac, iOS or Android devices can display simultaneously

Returning users

1.  Open Solstice app on your device.

2.  Select the room you wish to connect to from the dialogue box that appears.

3.  Enter the 4 character Screen Key.  The Screen Key is displayed in the lower left corner of the display monitor in the room.  In the example below, the Screen Key is JKHU.

4.  Select the content or window you wish to display to the room.  The options may vary depending on what device you are using to connect. 


Watch video on this technology.  View the vendor's website.


If you need assistance with the screen display, contact the Stern Helpdesk at 212-998-0180.