Master SLA

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Master Agreement

Executive Summary

Statement of Intent

The Stern School of Business Information Technology (IT) provides a broad range of computing and information technology services to the students, faculty, administrators, and staff at the Stern school. This Service Level Agreement (SLA) documents the level of service that the IT department (service provider) is expected to provide to the community (client). The purpose of this agreement is to enable the strategic use of technology in enhancing creativity and efficiency in knowledge creation by committing all owner parties to fulfill their respective responsibilities with regards to the use of information technology within the School.

The SLA identifies the contents, objectives, intended clients, user responsibilities, access instructions, and applicable costs for all service provisions. It also specifies service limitations and exclusions as well as the definition and consequences of non-performance. While this is the default agreement between all owner parties regarding IT services within the Stern School, there may be special circumstances within specific user groups that warrant additional documentation. In such cases, please refer to the appropriate supplemental material listed on the Stern IT website or distributed to the department administrator.


All owner parties have agreed to appoint the Stern IT CIO as the administrator of this Service Level Agreement. The administrator will monitor and enforce all owner parties’ fulfillment of agreed-upon obligations and act as the arbiter between the service provider and client groups in the case of a dispute regarding non-performance.

Terms of Agreement

1.    Term and Review

This Stern IT SLA stands binding for one year from the date of its publication. During this period either owner party may submit a written request to review the agreement at any time. At the end of this period, the agreement will be subject to full review and revision by all owner parties who must all agree to any and all service revisions. All corrections and revisions will be communicated via announcements on the Stern IT website and over e-mail to all owner parties and service providers.

2.    Warranty

Stern IT undertakes to provide support services to the best of its ability using professionally trained and managed staff. All services covered under the terms of this SLA are rendered on a “best efforts” basis without warranty expressed or implied. Individual SLA’s may at times supersede this blanket warranty with specific descriptions of service levels and “best efforts”. In the event of catastrophic occurrence (e.g., natural disaster, fire, attack etc.), Stern IT will work to restore systems and operational support as quickly as possible under those conditions. Prioritization of support will be based upon the nature and extent of the situation, as well as the importance of individual services to the operational continuity of the university.

Stern IT commits to protecting university resources supported under this SLA from deliberate damage by Stern IT personnel or other persons provided access to said resources.

3.    Responsibilities

Stern IT agrees to provide and deliver said service and to aggregate mutually agreed upon metrics to measure and manage success. The Service Recipient agrees to fund the service described herein to the level needed to ensure successful service delivery.

  • Stern IT will provide the infrastructure, technology, processes and monitoring tools necessary to support the reasonable needs of the Stern Community.
  • Meet response times associated with the priority assigned to incidents and service requests.
  • Generate reports on service level performance.
  • Maintain appropriately trained staff.

4.    Supported Environment

The services supported under the terms of this SLA are only those listed in under Supported Services in each SLA and which are used for NYU Stern school business. No other use is supported under this agreement.

5.    Hours of Coverage

Unless otherwise specified in Supported Services of each SLA, the service coverage will be standard business hours; i.e. 9AM-5PM US-Eastern Time Monday through Friday except on published university holidays. Requests for service that are not included in the Stern IT Service Catalog will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and may incur a fee as agreed upon in advance by all parties prior to the service being rendered.

6.    Tiers of Service

Unless otherwise specified in Supported Services and Charges the service tiers will be:

 Support Tier
 Service Tier Description
 FullThe highest tier of support provided by Stern IT is reserved for technology that adheres to the recommended guidelines developed by Stern IT. Stern IT will maintain in depth knowledge of this technology and all efforts will be extended to provide full error recovery. Help with software licenses is available in this support area. In addition, Stern IT commits to resolving the issue or providing an alternative within a time frame that will cause minimal impact to the Service Recipient.
 PartialSupport is available for some aging technology, generic PC’s and common applications and operating systems not fully supported but sometimes used in the Stern community. Stern IT will ensure a working network connection for hardware in this category, and attempt to resolve other issues. However, since the level of expertise in Stern IT may vary for this category and more research may be needed to solve problems, Stern IT cannot commit to a specific resolution time frame.
 BasicSupport is available for hardware and software not in the first two tiers, or hardware/software issues in the Partial-Tier support area that cannot be resolved. Stern IT will maintain little to no expertise for this category, but will attempt to find a resource for the Service Recipient (ex. vendor or manufacturer) and recommend the necessary upgrades. Stern IT does not commit to resolving these issues, and they are always prioritized lowest.