Fall 2015 MBA News

Collaborate with Solstice Wireless Screen Sharing

Solstice Wireless screen sharing is now available in MBA meeting rooms 2-113, 2-114, 2-115 and 2-116 and will be coming soon to additional meeting rooms.  Follow the instructions on the monitor in the room to use the new system.

Room Reservations

Room reservations are now in Stern’s new EMS (Event Management System).  EMS can be found in Sternlinks.  Use EMS to reserve meeting rooms, study rooms and desks.  New UC-130 study rooms will be available soon.

CampusGroups Improvements
CampusGroups made many improvements over the summer including easier and faster searching, a To-Do list, a campus map and badges.  New iPhone and Android apps with improved social and event features and a chat option will be available September 20, 2015.  Learn more at http://blog.campusgroups.com.


Color printers have moved to UC-2008 lounge on the UC level.  Single-sided printing is available on the 5th Floor, outside the OCD office.  Mobile printing is available for iOS devices.  For more information and links to guides, visit the Print@stern webpage.

Bloomberg Terminals

Exclusively for MBAs, four Bloomberg terminals are available inside the Nyman Family Reading Room 2-100, in a room at the back of the suite. Need Training? Type 'BU" then Go on the terminal for a list of available workshops.

Got Questions? Ask IT

Looking for IT help?  Search the Ask IT Knowledge Base, found in Sternlinks, to get Stern and NYU technology information on a range of topics.  If you can't find the information you need, submit your question via the Ask IT Request Form or call the IT Help Desk at 212-998-0180.

Windows 10 / iOS 9 Support  

Stern IT will be updating systems when vendor-supplied updates for Windows 10 / iOS 9 become available.  Our goal is to ensure compatibility of all our services with Windows 10 / iOS9 and to provide full Windows 10 / iOS 9 support as soon as possible. We will keep you posted.

Stay secure  

Threats to our on-line security remain constant.  Stern accounts are often targets of phishing and spear phishing attempts.  Don’t get phished!  Be aware and informed to keep safe.  NYU offers free anti-virus/anti-malware protection for students.