Fall 2014 Stern IT News - MBA edition

iPad Printing  iOS printing for iPads and iPhones is now available.  Visit the How-to-Guide.

Color Printing  MBA color printers are available in KMC 2-100.  Color printing will debit 3 credits from your quota per each sheet of paper and defaults to simplex printing.  Install the Color Print queue for PC or Mac to print to color printers.

NYU Classes  NYU Classes is Stern's course management system.  Access NYU Classes via  Sternlinks SSO.  For help using the system, visit the NYU Classes How-to-Guide with video.

CampusGroups  CampusGroups has launched a redesigned and streamlined interface with increased social synchronization.  CampusGroups mobile apps for iOS and Android provide mobile access to study room reservations and other content.

Google Drive  Did you know you can store and share files in Google Drive? Google Drive allows you to upload files of any type to store them. You can also share the files with others. Optionally, you can convert files into Google format for easier collaboration, including real-time editing and in-document chat.

Google on the Go  Instead of configuring your mail through the mail options on your smart phone, you can point the browser to http://gmail.stern.nyu.edu and login to access your Gmail, Calendar and Drive.

Google+  Activate your Google+ account and follow Stern IT Advisory (for service updates), Stern IT and Stern IT Helpdesk for news and tips.  Follow  NYU Stern for news from Stern.

Google Hangouts  Activate your Google+ account to take advantage of Google Hangouts offering video conferencing for up to 15 people.  You can also collaborate on Google documents in a Hangout.  Click the +You in the upper left corner of your Stern Gmail account to activate your Google+.

Helpdesk  If you are experiencing any issues with technology at Stern or need to report a problem with Stern-owned equipment, the Helpdesk is here for you. Located in UC-120, the Helpdesk can also be reached via  helpdesk@stern.nyu.edu or at 212-998-0180.