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iPhone Gmail

Quick Setup Instructions for iOS10

When logged in with your Stern gmail account, a visual guide is available.
  1. On your home screen, select ‘Settings
  2. Select ‘Mail
  3. Select ‘Account
  4. From the ‘Add Account’ screen, select Google.
  5. At the ‘Google’ sign in screen, enter your Stern email address:
  6. Tap Next. 
  7. You will be redirected to the Sternlinks sign on page.  Enter your NetID and Stern password and tap Sign On.
  8. When your account has been verified successfully, use the slider buttons to select the components you wish to sync.
  9. Tap ‘Save’ Note: If you have other calendars configured on your device, you may be asked if you would like to keep them, or delete them. We recommend you keep them on your iDevice if prompted.
  10. Press the Home button and return to the Home screen.  To access your Stern Email, Calendar or Contacts, click the relevant icon on your home screen.
You are done! You have now successfully setup your Stern email & calendar on 
your iPhone/iPad