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Quick Setup Instructions for Android v6 Marshmallow

When logged in with your Stern gmail account, a visual guide is available. 

Steps to configure an Android device:
  1. On your Android home screen, select ‘Settings
  2. Select ‘Accounts
  3. Select ‘Add Account’  Note: If you have existing accounts on your device, you will see the account type listed here e.g. Google. 
  4. Select ‘Google
  5. Enter your Stern email address in the format: and tap ‘Next’ button 
  6. You will see a screen informing you that your Google account is managed by Stern.  Tap Accept. 
  7. You will be redirected to the Sternlinks page.  Sign in using your Stern NetID and password. 
  8. Google will verify your settings, which may take a moment.
  9. Option: If prompted to Back up data with my Google Account, we recommend UN-CHECK this box.
    • Note: If you are comfortable with the idea of backing up your Google application settings - and possibly passwords - to the Google Servers, you are welcome to do so but it is at your own risk. We recommend not backing up your data with your Google account 
  10. You will see the "set up payment information" screen.  Select "No thanks" and tap Continue.
  11. Now at the Accounts screen, select Google.  If you have multiple Google accounts, select your Stern account.
  12. Under your account name, use the slider buttons to enable/disable any components that you do not wish to sync. We recommend that you sync only your Stern Calendar, Contacts and Gmail. When you have made your choices, tap the back button to return to the previous screen, or tap the Menu button to return to the Home screen.
You are done! You have now successfully setup your Stern email, calendar and contacts on your Android device.  To access your Gmail, Contacts or Calendar, select the relevant icon on your Apps/Home screen and/or Google folder.