Windows Users Update Symantec Anti-Virus July 2016

To find out if your version is affected

The latest version of Symantec (available from NYU Home) is 12.1.6 (12.1 RU6 MP5). This version is protected against the vulnerability, so if you have this version installed you do not need to do anything. To see what version you are using, do the following:

1. Right click the Symantec shield icon in your system tray, and select 'Open Symantec Endpoint Protection'

(or open it from the Start menu).

2. Click on the Help button, and choose About...

3. Look at the version number. If your current version is NOT 12.1.6 (12.1 RU5 MP5), you need to install the latest version.


Download and install the latest version of Symantec Endpoint Protection over your currently installed version.

Download Instructions

1. Go to NYU Home, and click the Ask NYU IT link under the 'Home' tab

2. in the 'Software' section, click the link to ' Symantec Endpoint Protection'

3. Now download the Symantec for Windows labelled 64-bit (all machines images by Stern IT should be 64-bit, but if you know you are using a 32-bit version, please download that one instead).

Installation Instructions

1. Run the installer file you downloaded (Symantec_Endpoint_protection_12.1.6_Win64.exe). Click 'Run' again if prompted.

2. Click OK to extract the installation files.

3. Click Next at the Welcome message.

4. Select 'I accept the terms...' and click Next.

5. Click Next to accept the 'Typical' installation.

6. Uncheck the box to '...join the fight against digital cybercrime' and click Next

7. Click Install.

8. Click Finish.

Reboot if required.