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SIMON is Stern's Account Management system. SIMON allows you change your Stern Password and set up password recovery options as well as create a personal address.

SIMON is accessible to Stern students, staff, and faculty. Access Simon from Sternlinks Single Sign-On widget.
If you are new to Stern and have not yet activated your account, please see our account activation guide.

From the top menu bar you may choose the following options: Home, Password Recovery or Account Information.  From the top of Simon home you may search the directory for other members of the Stern community.

Change your password

Click on Account Info, then Change Password to change your password. Follow the instructions on the Change Password screen to enter your new password then click Submit. You must have at least 8 characters in your password. Your Password must include at least one letter, one number and one special characters such as !, @, #, $, &, etc..

In keeping with security best practices, Stern IT enforces password changes for all Stern accounts every year. You will receive email notifications when your password is scheduled to expire.

 1st Notification
  1 month before expiration
 2nd Notification
  2 weeks before expiration
 Final Notification    
  Everyday, beginning 7 days before expiration

To stop the notifications, change your password in SIMON.  If you do not change your password before the expiration date, you will not be able to access your Stern email or other applications until the password is changed. After password expiration, access will be limited to SIMON password functionality until your password has been changed.

If you need assistance, visit the Stern IT Help Desk in UC-120, call 212-998-0180 or email

Personal Address/Vanity Address

Stern allows the creation of a personal address as an alternative to your Stern email address ( The format for this personal address is Messages sent to either address will be delivered to your Stern inbox. When logging in to Stern systems: email, AIS, Campus Groups, etc.. be sure to login with your NetID.

To request a personal address, login to SIMON. Click on Vanity Address under account info on the top menu bar and follow the instructions. You must use your full first and last name as recorded with the Stern registrar.  If you use an alternate/middle name, email the Helpdesk ( to request your desired personal address.

Password Recovery Settings

In order to change your Stern Password Recovery settings click on Password Recovery Info on the top menu bar.

Enter an external (non-Stern) email address to which your reset password can be sent. Enter a security question such as "Place of Birth?" or "Favorite Color?" Then, enter the answer to the question in the box below. Click Submit to save the information.

You will be asked this security question in the event that you forget your password.

Forgot Password?

Forgot your password? SIMON allows you to recover it using the security question you set up during your account activation. Simply click the Forgot Password link on the Sternlinks login page.

You will be taken to the Password Recovery page. Here, you will be prompted to enter your Stern NetID, University ID (found on the back of your NYU Card) and your birthdate in YYYY-MM-DD format into the appropriate fields.

Finally, you will be prompted with the security question you designated during your account activation, or in SIMON password recovery options. After providing the correct answer, a password reset link will be sent to your designated external (non-Stern) email address.  You will have 6 hours to click the link and reset your Stern password.  If you have forgotten your password and have not set-up the password recovery option, you must contact the helpdesk ( for assistance.