Google+ Events Sharing Photos

Use your mobile Google + to share photos of an event. Its easy!

1. Open your Google+ application on your iOS or Android Device. Don't have G+ on your phone yet? Search for "Google Plus" from the App Store or Google Play Store and install the application.

2. At your Google+ home screen, find the Menu sidebar by tapping the icon at the top left corner.

3. Once the sidebar is opened, click Events.

4. Next, you will see a page of all the events you have been invited to. Find the event you are trying to share photos to and tap on that event.

a. If you do not see the event you are searching for, make sure you have accepted the invitation before reaching this page.  To see all your invites return to your home page and click on the bell icon at the top right corner.

5. Once the event page is open, tap the icon at the top right corner to add photos. You may have to enable “Party Mode” in order for your photos to be public and shared to the other event attendees.