NYU Classes

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NYU Classes is the learning management system at NYU Stern. NYU Classes is an online space for you to interact with your classmates and professors, keep track of assignments and tests, and store information based on your courses.

Within this guide, you will learn about:

• How NYU Classes is structured
• How your courses are organized within NYU Classes
• How to submit your assignments, access course materials, and review your grades

How do I access NYU Classes?

Click the NYU Classes link in Sternlinks.   NYU Classes requires that you sign in with your NYU NetID and password.

How do I find my courses?

All of your active courses that are using NYU Classes for the semester will be displayed along the top navigation bar.
To see all of the course sites and project sites you belong to, visit the Membership area on the left side of My Workspace.

Where do I find a document within a course site?

Most course documents, such as PDFs, images, Word documents, etc. will be posted in the Resources  section. To  access, go to your course site tab and click “Resources” in the menu on the left side. If you do not immediately see the document, it may be organized within a sub-folder. To open a folder click on the + icon on the folder.  If the document you are looking for is related to an assignment due, your instructor may have posted it in the Assignments tool instead; files posted to assignments will not be seen within the Resources area.  To go to the Assignments tool, click on “Assignments” in the menu on the left.

How do I submit an assignment?

To submit an assignment for your course, go to the Assignments tool within a course site. You may see a single assignment or multiple assignments listed.  Click on the assignment you need to take. A screen will appear that reads In Progress. Depending upon whether your instructor has allowed you to submit inline responses (typed into the rich content editor box) and/or attachments, you will see options for one or both. You may use the inline box to type a message or a full response.

If you need to include an attachment, scroll to the bottom of your screen, click Browse, locate the file.   When you see it appear in the upload field to the left of the Browse button, choose Submit, Preview or Save Draft.

• Submit will submit your assignment to your instructor.
• Preview will enable you to see what it looks like before submitting.
• Save Draft will save a draft for you to continue working on before finally submitting.

Once you submit your assignment, you should see a confirmation screen. You should also receive a confirmation email. If your instructor has allowed resubmissions, you will be able to go back and resubmit an assignment once the instructor has evaluated it.

Note: Once an assignment due date is past, unless your instructor has allowed late submissions, you will no longer be able to submit the assignment in NYU Classes.

How do I know if my assignment was submitted correctly?

After submitting your assignment, NYU Classes will display a message saying that your assignment was submitted. You will also receive an email notification of submission. To double-check if your assignment was submitted, you can click on the assignment and you will see a notification at the top of the screen if your assignment has been successfully submitted.  Unless your professor specified that the assignment could be re-submitted, you cannot resubmit an assignment. If you wish to resubmit an assignment, please contact your instructor.

What if I encounter problems while taking a test or quiz?

If you encounter problems while taking a test or quiz in the Tests and Quizzes tool, click the exit button. This will save your work and exit from the test or quiz. You can go back to the test or quiz in order to complete it later. You may want to let your instructor know that you had a problem taking the  test or quiz, especially if it is a timed assessment.

Where can I see my grades?

You can find your grades in NYU Classes by going to your course site and clicking on Gradebook in the menu on the left side of the page. This will show you any grades that your instructor has made available for that course.

Will I automatically receive message reminders about assignments and forum posts?

Depending on how your professor has set up the course, you may or may not receive message notifications within NYU Classes. However, you should always log into NYU Classes and check if you are unsure of your assignment deadlines or course schedule.

Will I receive message notifications within NYU Classes, my NYU Gmail account, or both?

There are several ways in which your professor may communicate with you through NYU Classes. Your instructor may choose to use email notification to notify you that they have added a new announcement, calendar event, resource item, etc to the site. These notifications will come to your NYU email address.

In addition to the email notification function, instructors may choose to use the NYU Classes Messages tool to send information. If your instructor is using the Messages tool and does not check cc email, then you will only receive these messages inside NYU Classes and it is your responsibility to log into NYU Classes to check your messages.