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The Bloomberg Terminal is a computer software system provided by the financial data vendor Bloomberg L.P. that enables professionals in the financial service sector and other industries to access the Bloomberg Professional service through which users can monitor and analyze real-time financial market data and place trades on the electronic trading platform.

Terminal locations

Graduate students

Shimkin 2-101 (Robert B. Menschel/Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation room). You must go through Shimkin 2-100 (Reading Room) in order to reach this room.

Undergraduate students

Tisch 316. You can access this room by going through Tisch 305 (Meeting Rooms).

How to log in

  1. Log the computer using your Stern ID, i.e. the Windows login screen
  2. Once the Bloomberg software has launched automatically, hit the red Default key on the keyboard
  3. If you have a Bloomberg login, proceed to login. If you do not have a Bloomberg login, press GO to create one or use the default Bloomberg login information posted on each terminal.

Common Commands

Red Keys
<Cancel>Aborts function
<CONN/DFLT>Logs on/ Logs off
Yellow Keys
<EQUITY> <Go>Covers the complete equity market spectrum
<CORP> <Go>Covers the complete corporate market spectrum
Green Keys
<MENU>Goes back to the previous menu
<Go>Acts on commands
N <Go>Main news menu
TOP <Go>Top news in the world or market
CN <Go>Company specific news
TOP STK <Go>Stock market news
TOP BON <Go>Bond market news
NI <Go>Type subject after NI to search for news on a subject
TNI <Go>Create and save custom news searches
Market Perspectives
WB <Go>World Bond Markets
WBF <Go>World Bond Futures
WIR <Go>Interest Rate Futures
IRSB <Go>Interest Rate Swap Monitors
IYC <Go>International Yield Curves
FMC <Go>Fair Market Curves
SWYC <Go>Swap Curves
WFX <Go>World Currencies
MMR <Go>Money Market Rate Monitors
IM <Go>World Market Monitors
WEI <Go>World Equity Indices
WEIF <Go>World Equity Index Futures
WECO <Go>World Economic Calendar
FOMC <Go>FOMC Announcement Dates
QSRC <Go>Global Equity Screening
MA <Go>Global M&A Activity
Company Specific Equity Research
<code><EQUITY> <Go>(e.g. IBM US <EQUITY><Go>)
SPX <INDEX> <Go>Ticker for the S&P 500 index
INDU <INDEX> <Go>Ticker for the Dow Jones industrial average
DES <Go>Vital statistics and a mini-prospectus of a company
MGMT <Go>A company’s management changes
FA <Go>Standardized fundamental analysis
EE <Go>Earnings estimates: IBES, Nelson’s, and Zacks
BRC <Go>Research reports by company
ANR <Go>Analyst’s recommendations and ratings
RV <Go>Peer group analysis for relative performance
HVT <Go>Historical volatility measures
GPO <Go>Price bar graph with moving averages
CRPR <Go>Issuer credit profile
CSHS <Go>Cash flow
YAS <Go>Yield and spread analysis
OAS1 <Go>Option adjusted spread analysis
COMP <Go>Compares bonds, benchmarks, indices, etc
BBTF <Go>Electronic Bond Trading Platform
SRC <Go>Municipal bond search
BCC <Go>All calculators
ALRT <Go>Set price alerts
CACS <Go>Corporate action calendar
PRTU <Go>Create a portfolio
PRPT <Go>Create custom portfolio reports
PSRT <Go>Public portfolio search
PRTS <Go>Market value summary and averages
PER <Go>Calculate total market risk
PSA <Go>Scenario analysis for varying interest rates
PMEN <Go>View and manage public/private portfolios
WCR <Go>World currency rates
FRD <Go>Spot and forward rates
FFRC <Go>Futures implied currency forward rates
CM1 <Go>Best bid/offer monitor
ECST <Go>World economic statistics
PRTU <Go>Create a portfolio of your holdings
NW <Go>Create a worksheet to follow news and price changes
G <Go>Create technical charts on trading patterns
BQ <Go>Customize news and analysis for a company
BEE <Go>Get information on Estimates


  1. Press the Print Screen button to print the current screen contents.
  2. Right-clicking with the mouse will bring up an option for Print Setup.
  3. Follow the regular steps for printing with Print@Stern.

Getting Bloomberg Help

  • For problems with the terminal itself (i.e. won't turn on, can't login, etc.) please contact the Stern Help Desk at 998-0180 or
  • For Bloomberg help, press the Help key for general Help. For command specific help, type any command and then press the "help" key for help with that command.
  • To contact the Bloomberg Help Desk, press the HELP key twice, a box will appear in which you may type a message. Type your message or question and be sure to include an email address or cell phone number for the Bloomberg Help Desk to contact you.