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Stern MBAs, undergraduate students, faculty and administrators have the ability to access Stern software from anywhere using the Citrix. You can run apps such as Excel, Minitab, and Crystal Ball remotely on our Windows Citrix server without having to purchase or install the applications directly on your computer.

macOS users will find the service especially useful as they can run Windows software from their computer without having to set up Boot Camp or a virtual machine that would require purchasing and installing a full Windows installation on their computer.

How to use Apps@Stern

1. Navigate to

2.  Login with your Stern ID and password.

3. If you have not used Apps before, you will be prompted to download and install the appropriate software for your computer.

4.  Once you have downloaded the software, you will see the main apps screen with icons for various applications.  Click the icon for the application you wish to use. 

5.  When saving any data, be sure to save it on your own hard drive or other space you own.  Do not save to the Citrix server, it may not be there when you next look for it.
All Students
  • Crystal Ball
  • MS Access 2010
  • MS Excel 2010
  • MS PowerPoint 2010
  • MS Word 2010
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5
  • EViews 9.5
  • Financial Accounting Tutor
  • Matlab 2014a
  • MS Project 2010
  • Minitab 16
  • NLogit
  • R
  • Visual Studio 2010
Graduate Students
  • Barra Aegis Portfolio Manager
  • Stata 10
  • Stata 12