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AntiVirus Software

NYU Stern provides free, fully licensed versions of Symantec anti-virus software for members of the NYU Stern community. Please Note: You are not permitted to redistribute this software. These products are licensed for exclusive use by members of the NYU Stern community. Software distributed by NYU is covered by the copyright laws of the United States. NYU Stern is not responsible for damages resulting from the installation of any of the software we make available.

Stern Students

If you are a Student at Stern, please follow the instructions in this article to download and install the software.  

Stern Faculty and Staff

Stern Faculty and Staff can download Symantec Endpoint Protection using the links below (enter your Stern credentials when prompted). If you are currently using Antivirus software other than Symantec (e.g AVG, Kaspersky etc), you should uninstall that application before proceeding. Please refer to the instructions when installing Symantec Endpoint Protection on your device.

For Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit) - Version 14.3.3580.1100
 For Mac OSX 10.15 and Higher - Version 14.3.3580.1100 (for OS 10.15 and higher). Note: This version is NOT currently compatible with the Apple M1 chip.
 For Mac OSX 10.14 - 10.13 - Version 14.3.1169.0100 (for OS X 10.14 and lower)

Installation Instructions

Windows Users

1. Click the link for the Windows installer and download the file to your computer.
2. Run the installer SEP_14.3.3580.1100_Staff_Win64.exeNote: If you see the security message 'Windows Protected your PC', click the More Info link and then select Run Anyway. Click Allow this file if prompted by a further Download Insight Security message and then click OK.
3. Symantec Endpoint Protection will now install (if you have a previous version of SEP installed, that will be automatically upgraded). When the installation is complete, you will be prompted to restart your computer. Save any open work, close any other open applications, and click Restart Now.
4. After restart, log in as normal. You should see the yellow/gold Symantec 'shield' icon in your system tray. Double click the icon to open Symantec, and click on the Live Update link to ensure you have the latest definitions installed.

Important note for Windows clients: You can only install Endpoint Protection if you have administrator rights. To do so, find the file you downloaded from below, right-click on it and select Run as Administrator. If you do not execute the file as administrator, the installation may fail.

Mac Users

The Symantec installation process differs depending on what version you are installing. Please click the relevant guide below to follow the instructions for installing on your Mac OS:

Mac OSX 10.14 and lower

Previous Version Download Links (you must be logged in with your Stern account to access the links below). Note: These should only be used in the event that you have issues installing the latest version.

For Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit) - Version 14.2.5587.2100
 For Mac OSX 10.15 and Higher - Version 14.2.5587.2100
 For Mac OSX 10.14 - 10.13 - Version 14.2.5587.2100 (for OS X 10.14 and lower)