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Enterprise Operations and Solutions (EOPS)

Enhancing Business Education Through Technology

We are responsible for the implementation, administration and architecture of Stern's enterprise technology services. Our mission is to deliver reliable, innovative and timely technology solutions to support the delivery of management education, business research and community building services.

We do this through a commitment to customer service and excellence.

EOPS Teams

This team is responsible for the administration of the data center, system provisioning and management of both hardware and network operating systems. The team also administers file and print services.
 Infrastructure and Security  
This team is responsible for the day-to-day management of Stern's network infrastructure. Some of the key components of the network infrastructure that the team is responsible for managing are: floor switches, a core layer 3 switch, and wireless access points. The team is also responsible for Stern's host and network level security. This includes administration and deployment of network security hardware such as firewalls, IDS, IPS, and NAC devices as well as host and network penetration testing. They are also responsible for developing, implementing and enforcing network security policies.
 Enterprise Services
This team is responsible for the implementation and operation of enterprise applications at the Stern school of business. These application include Mail and Collaboration, Enterprise Directory Services, Web and Application servers, Enterprise Content and Document Management systems et al. The team is also responsible for authentication and authorization infrastructure.
 Application Development
This team is responsible for the development and maintenance of internally developed and significantly customized third party applications. The team is responsible for both web based and desktop applications. They team is responsible for all artifacts produced by the development process such as design documents, code, system level documentation, administrator documentation, and end user documentation. They are also responsible for account management across all Stern systems.
 User Experience
This team is responsible for designing user interface for all internally developed Stern applications (both desktop and web). They are also responsible for the UI programming and development of Rich Internet Applications(RIA) using technologies such as Ajax and Flash. In addition, the team is responsible for creating prototypes, user experience research, and implementing human computer interface design guidelines. Finally, the team is also responsible for graphic design for all internally developed applications and internal web sites.
 Data Systems
This team is responsible for the successful implementation and operation of all database systems at the Stern School of Business. The database systems include Oracle's RDBMS, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and CA Ingres. The teams' responsibilities include database architecture, programming, security, and performance. The database systems support both OLTP and OLAP applications.